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Below you can select the videos of the testimonials on the event.

  Simplify how people work together
  - Patrick Van Asch, Unified Communication Solution Sales Advisor, Microsoft
- Guy Brusselmans, IT Strategist, Belgacom
- Stéphane Gérard, IT Operations Manager, Banque de Luxembourg
- David Boegen, Systems Engineer, Banque de Luxembourg
- Roland Spada, Head of Sales and Business Development, Telindus
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  Secure and manage content
  - Reginald Van Peteghem, Director Financial Service & Processes, Borealis
- Guido Bos, IT&S Project Manager, Borealis
- Serge Desaranno, Global Solution Director Ent Content Management, Getronics
- Adreas Sallaberger, Knowledge Sharing Coach, Borealis
- Sarah Van den Bulck, Knowledge Sharing Coach, Borealis
- Eddy Minnaert, Vice General Manager, De Lijn
- Erik Kerkhofs, Solution Sales Advisor, Microsoft
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  Find Info and Improve Business Insight
  - Jean-François Gigot, Corporate Control Accounting, Fortis
- Christophe Caquineau, Delivery Management Director, Avenade
- Rik De Nolf, CEO Roularta Media Group, Roularta
- Edward Claeys, CEO Software Development, SDE
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  Reduce Security Risks and Deployment Costs
  - Hugues Dorchy, e-ID Program Manager, Fedict
- Wim Van Winghe, Business Group Managers Windows Client, Microsoft
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